Better Email Campaigns with Tableau

Our client needed to understand the factors that resulted in sales, but their data was all over the place.


Our client was an international eCommerce vendor who used a large volume of emails to advertise product availability to targeted consumers. Because of high email volume, and the fact that useful data was located on multiple database servers, it was difficult to determine campaign effectiveness. They needed to understand the factors that resulted in sales.



We determined how to access the data on emails sent, opened, products viewed and sold. We retrieved this from one database server and joined it with consumer characteristics from another server, and sales specifics from a third server. This resulted in a large amount of data, so we sped up our analyses using a Tableau Data Extract. Then, using Tableau, we performed an initial set of analyses. We shared these with our client and other XCentium consultants who were involved with the client. Based on their feedback, we did another round of analysis which resulted in a good understanding of the factors related to sales.



Our client learned a significant percentage of sales lift from email campaigns came from purchase of products not directly mentioned in the emails. We were able to provide information about which campaigns were more effective, and which consumer characteristics made it more likely they would respond to email. Using this information, our client was able to devise more effective email campaigns, resulting in additional sales.



  • Ad-hoc data analysis
  • Communication with Data Visualization

Database Development

  • Rapidly understand your data
  • Work with large volumes of data

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