Virtual HR Services Organization

Our client's analyses were streamlined using Tableau, enabling a self-service format for their customers and increasing their customer response time.


This virtual HR services organization provided custom analyses to their customers for many aspects of their business. Their data model and physical data infrastructure were complex, making it difficult for business users to get and understand the data. Gathering data, and creating analyses took considerable IT time. Business users’ responses to their customers queries were delayed, as a result.


We worked with our client to identify the most-commonly needed data. From this data, a simple datamart was created to combine data sources, and cast the model and columns into the users' terminology. Tableau Data Extracts were used for several sources, as necessary. We helped our client prototype use of Tableau for a variety of common analyses. We assisted client trainers to develop initial training for business users.


Business users could access their own data and perform their own analyses in 60-80% of cases. For the majority of the remaining analyses, the custom data could be provided by IT to the datamart, leaving the analysis activity to users. This increased responsiveness to their customers considerably.



  • Tableau Deployment
  • Tableau Training
  • Tableau problem-solving

Data Architecture

  • Identify data usage and frequency
  • Provide data in business terms

Key Integrations

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