XCentium Voice powered commerce

Alexa + Sitecore

Imagine the possibilities

Solution offers unlimited commercial possibilities through Amazon Echo

 With over 10 million Amazon Echo units sold, the vocal commerce revolution is here to stay. With this first to market solution, XCentium is paving the way for companies utilizing the Sitecore Commerce Platform to take part in vocal commerce and expand their marketing capabilities by using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Alexa. Through this innovation, XCentium combines the eCommerce and AI capabilities of Alexa with Sitecore’s Commerce, Content, Contextual Intelligence and Marketing Automation features – enabling voice-features like:

  • Product browsing, proximity, geography and time-aware search
  • Date-location based availability
  • Machine-learning based product recommendations
  • Automated engagement plans for abandoned cart, high-value customer, etc.
  • Ordering, multiple products-counts, confirmation, etc.
  • “Single-skill” order/ checkout

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