XCentium Wins the 2018 Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award

Solution Revitalizes Applebee’s and IHOP With Legendary Digital Customer Experience


Los Angeles – October 12, 2018 – XCentium, an award-winning full service digital consultancy, announced today that they have won the 2018 Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award in the Americas for their work on Dine Brands Global, the parent company of Applebee’s® and IHOP®.

XCentium and Dine Brands Global were honored by Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software, today during a ceremony at Sitecore Symposium, their annual user conference, in Orlando, Florida. The 2018 Ultimate Experience Award recipients were selected from the regional category winners of the Sitecore Experience Awards, with one from each of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA), Australia & New Zealand, and Greater Asia.

 Amrit Raj, XCentium, and Charlie Jones, Dine Brands Global, accept the Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award from Paige O'Neill, CMO of Sitecore Amrit Raj, XCentium, and Charlie Jones, Dine Brands Global, talk about how technology helped achieve the vision for Applebee's and IHOP.

Left: Amrit Raj, XCentium, and Charlie Jones, Dine Brands Global, accept the Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award from Paige O'Neill, CMO of Sitecore. Right: Amrit Raj and Charlie Jones share how, collaboratively, they helped Dine's brands, Applebee's and IHOP, engage their customers through the use of technology.

“Today’s businesses are challenged with understanding and improving brand experiences in order to keep pace with customer expectations,” said Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer, Sitecore. “The Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award are the best of the best at delivering personalized experiences that engage, inspire, and support customers throughout their journey. The results they’ve achieved are impactful and the entire team at Sitecore congratulates their success.”

Dine Brands Global is one of the world’s largest full-service dining companies and owner of the restaurant brands IHOP and Applebee’s Grill + Bar. To reclaim its industry leadership as an innovator, the company partnered with XCentium to enable customers to access the right menus and conveniently order online with a consistent experience across devices that scales easily to accommodate high-traffic events and television advertising. In 2017, both brands increased sessions by more than 30%, increased repeat visits, and delivered year-over-year increases from online sales in terms of both revenue and number of orders.

  Amrit Raj, XCentium, shares how XCentium enabled Dine Brands Global to achieve their vision for Applebee's and IHOP. Charlie Jones, Dine Brands Global, and Amrit Raj, XCentium, talk with Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Office of Sitecore, about how technology helped Applebee's and IHOP exceed their sales goals.

Left: Amrit Raj shares how XCentium enabled the technology behind the Dine Brands Global solution. Right: Amrit Raj and Charlie Jones share the solution results Dine Brands Global and the franchise owners of Applebee's and IHOP have experienced with Paige O'Neill.

“On behalf of our entire IT department, we thank Sitecore for this recognition of our joint initiative,” said Charlie Jones, Executive Director, Digital and Guest Facing Technology, Dine Brands Global Inc.  “Achieving our goal of creating a more seamless and personalized omni-channel customer experience was a major achievement for our company, and to see that recognized publicly is especially gratifying.”

"Assisting iconic brands like IHOP and Applebee's in achieving and surpassing their online marketing and sales objectives by using technology to enhance their customer experience has been an honor for us. We are genuinely grateful to Sitecore, and deeply humbled, to have our work recognized with the Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award from the Americas.” said Martin Knudsen, Founder and Partner at XCentium.

Dine Brands and XCentium team picture following the Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award

The teams from XCentium and Dine Brands Global with Mark Frost, CEO, and Paige O'Neill, CMO of Sitecore.


About XCentium

XCentium is an award-winning digital consultancy. We help clients align their technology strategy with business objectives, leverage technology excellence to deliver superior results, engage customers on web and mobile, as well as help them run their business in the cloud. Our core areas of expertise are UX, CMS, CRM, Commerce, Azure and AWS. For more information, please visit www.xcentium.com.

About Dine Brands Global, Inc.

Based in Glendale, California, Dine Brands Global, Inc. (NYSE: DIN), through its subsidiaries, franchises restaurants under both the Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar and IHOP brands.  With approximately 3,700 restaurants combined in 18 countries and approximately 380 franchisees, Dine Brands is one of the largest full-service restaurant companies in the world. For more information on Dine Brands, visit the Company's website located at www.dinebrands.com

Sitecore Symposium 2018

More than 3,000 people attended Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, where Sitecore experts, partners, and customers converged to learn, inspire, network, and get a first look into Sitecore’s plans for the future. Digital marketing professionals received practical advice for building for building their digital marketing maturity, delivering superior customer experiences, and leading their company’s digital transformation.

About Sitecore

Sitecore is the global leader in digital experience management software that combines content management, commerce, and customer insights. The Sitecore Experience Cloud™ empowers marketers to deliver personalized content in real time and at scale across every channel—before, during, and after a sale. More than 5,200 brands––including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dow Chemical, and L’Oréal––have trusted Sitecore to deliver the personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue. 

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